Who let the cats out.

So I’ve been in my new house for 3 weeks now and the time came to finally allow my two Norwegian Forest Cats, Fernie and Tiree out into the garden for the first time.

They had spent the previous 3 weeks getting to know the outside from the comforts of the conservatory and being tormented by pigeons, butterflies and other lovely things flitting about outside.

This is the moment they take their first, slightly ginger, steps into the outside world in their new garden:

Soon they were both covered in seeds, grass and leaves.

It didn’t take long for both of them to jump over the fence next door although Fernie did manage to fall off the fence face first into a bush – bloody hilarious!

They delighted the 2 and 4 year olds next door though Fernie cried to come back over before gathering the courage to jump back over.

Here are a few pictures of the little blighters enjoying their new space.

Fernie_3 Tiree Jump Tiree Tiree_1 Tiree_2 Tiree_3 Tiree_4  Tiree_6 Cats Fernie Pond Fernie Fernie_1

The moment Tiree jumps over the fence into the neighbour’s garden. Fernie follows her but seconds later falls back into the foliage (face first!).


Coming back. Fernie had more trouble spending a good few minutes crying on the other side. Abbie, the lady of the house, offered to pass her over.


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