The cats do what cats do

My two Norwegian Forest Cats, Fernie and Tiree have really embraced the outdoor life. Having moved house in July 2013 I had a chip activated cat flap installed into my double glazed back door and they can now come and go as they please (excepting once it gets dark the flap is locked shut). Whilst they are adorable fluffy fur balls they are in reality 6.5 kg of killing machines with deadly claws and teeth. I regularly come home to various dead creatures or the remains thereof. In this blog I will document the death toll.

11 October 2013. I came home to this scene – what could be a Blackbird has been partially eaten and feathers strewn everywhere. Dead_Bird 2 Dead_Bird 1

April 2014 (There were many more in between but I haven’t documented them). This is a vole Fernie has caught. Towards the end her sister comes to investigate. (10 April 2014)

Fernie has caught a mouse and now it is no more; Tiree decides it’s great fun to play with it in the house – just look how she flips it!

Tiree Mouse  4 July 2014 Grass snake caught by Tiree – happily the little chap seemed to be ok, played dead but slithered away in the flower bed. Grass Snake Sadly, on Sunday I found a dead grass snake (juvenile) in the kitchen.

19 August 2014. Came home to find Tiree interested in something on the floor and was somewhat surprised to find this amazing creature. Fortunately it was unharmed and I released it back into the garden. Hopefully it will become a beautiful moth. Moth 30 August 2014 Fernie has caught a little shrew. Poor little blighter didn’t stand a chance.


Short video:

5 October 2014 Came home to this. IMG_0483

12/12/2016. Tiree is very naughty


Date Animal Which cat Notes
11/10/2013 Blackbird Tiree Well dead
10/04/2014 Vole Fernie Dead
14/04/2014 Mouse Tiree Dead
28/06/2014 Young bird Tiree Injured
29/06/2014 Young bird Tiree Injured
04/07/2014 Grass Snake Tiree Alive
06/07/2014 Grass Snake ? Dead
08/07/2014 Vole Fernie Dead
08/07/2014 Vole Fernie Dead
21/07/2014 Mouse ? Dead
23/07/2014 Vole ? Dead
28/07/2014 Mouse Tiree Mostly dead
19/08/2014 Elephant Hawkshead moth larva Tiree Alive
21/08/2014 Mouse Tiree Alive
22/08/2014 Bird Tiree Alive
23/08/2014 Mouse Tiree Alive
25/08/2014 Mouse Tiree Injured alive
29/08/2014 Pigeon ? Dead (Not sure cats got it)
30/08/2014 Vole Fernie Alive – then killed
31/08/2014 Elephant Hawkshead moth larva Tiree Alive
01/09/2014 Mouse Tiree Dead
17/09/2014 Vole ? Dead
21/09/2014 Bird Tiree Dead
21/09/2014 Mouse Fernie Dead
05/10/2014 Bird ? Just feathers
15/10/2014 Mouse Fernie Live
28/10/2014 Thrush Tiree Live
28/04/2015 Mouse Fernie Live
13/04/2015 Mouse Tiree Dead
03/06/2015 Vole ? Dead
14/06/2015 2 x vole ? Dead
19/06/2015 Mouse/vole Tiree Alive – brought into bedroom at 5:30am
20/06/2015 Vole ? Dead
21/06/2015 Vole Fernie Alive – being chased
23/06/2015 Vole Tiree Dead
23/06/2015 Thrush ? Dead
22/06/2015 Small frog ? Dead (Not sure cats got it)
02/07/2015 Vole ? Alive then dead
06/07/2015 Vole Fernie Dead
10/07/2015 Sparrow Tiree Alive – chased around the house. Saved by me.
17/07/2015 Darkling Beetle Fernie Live – rescued
20/07/2015 Vole Tiree Dead
25/07/2015 Vole ? Dead
10/08/2015 Sparrow Fernie Injured
12/08/2015 Vole ? Dead
17/08/2015 Mouse Fernie Alive
23/08/2015 Vole ? Dead
03/09/2015 Thrush ? Dead
12/09/2015 Vole ? Dead
13/09/2015 Dragonfly Fernie Alive – soon to be dead
19/09/2015 Mouse Fernie Alive – Rescued
20/09/2015 Bird Tiree Dead
14/10/2015 Vole ? Dead
14/10/2015 Thrush Tiree Dead
26/10/2015 Bird ? Just feathers left
02/11/2015 Bird ? Dead
27/11/2015 Vole ? Dead
23/03/2016 Vole ? Dead
26/03/2016 Vole ? Dead
07/04/2016 Vole ? Dead
07/04/2016 Vole Fernie (Prob) Alive (Dead next day)
08/04/2016 Vole Tiree Alive
14/05/2016 Bird ? Dead
07/06/2016 Mouse ? Dead
14/05/2016 Bird ? Dead
21/06/2016 Vole Tiree Dead
22/06/2016 Vole Tiree Dead (All eaten)
04/07/2016 Mouse Fernie Dead
14/07/2016 Fledgling bird Fernie Live (saved I hope. Sadly later caught and killed)
17/07/2016 Bird ? Just a pile of feathers
23/07/2016 Baby Mouse Fernie Hurt. Chased around kitchen by both cats. Eaten by Tiree
23/07/2016 Baby Mouse Fernie Released outdoors
23/07/2016 Adult mouse Fernie Escaped but died
1 – 10/8/2016 2 x Birds ? Dead in garden
14/08/2016 Bird ? Just feathers
24/08/2016 Vole Fernie Dead. Brought up to bathroom at 7am
27/08/2016 Adult mouse ? Dead
29/08/2016 Baby Vole Fernie Played with and killed
16/09/2016 Baby grass snake ? Dead
18/09/2016 Dragon fly Ferni Dead
20/09/2016 Mouse Tiree Eaten
01/10/2016 Mouse Tiree Escaped
02/10/2016 Mouse Tiree Eaten
02/10/2016 Baby mouse Fernie Dead
02/10/2016 Mouse Tiree (?) Live
09/10/2016 Mouse Tiree Eaten in front of me.
21/10/2016 Robin ? Dead
28/10/2016 Vole ? Dead
12/11/2016 Mouse ? Dead
19/11/2016 Sparrow ? Dead
12/12/2016 Thrush Tiree Dead
07/01/2017 Shrew ? Dead
13/01/2017 Bird Tiree Dead
09/04/2017 Shrew ? Dead
17/04/2017 Shrew ? Dead
12/05/2017 Blackbird ? Dead
16/05/2017 Mouse Tiree Eaten
20/05/2017 Mouse Fernie Dead
20/05/2017 Mouse Fernie Alive
30/06/2017 Small sparrow Tiree Dead
01/07/2017 Mouse Tiree Alive in the house. Let out. Caught back in the house the next day.
30/07/2017 Mouse Fernie Alive
28/09/2017 Mouse Tiree Dead
28/09/2017 Mouse Tiree Eaten
01/10/2017 Shrew ? Dead
01/10/2017 Bird Tiree Dead (In pond)
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3 Responses to The cats do what cats do

  1. Marc-André says:

    Omg xD. Fluffy killers =o


  2. gregjoder says:

    This is disgusting. You should keep your cats indoors.


    • stuartathome says:

      Well I can’t say I’m particularly happy about it. I think the cats enjoy a better life being able to go outside. Though as I said they can’t leave after dusk which is when the highest risk is for hunting. Do I keep them in and reduce their quality of life or do I let them out?


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