Friday night lightning

Following a couple of days of hot weather we were promised a thundery breakdown and the sky Gods didn’t let us down. Storms formed across the Channel in the middle of the afternoon and slowly made their way to England in a NNW direction. I noticed some flashing about 10:30pm and went to have a look in the garden. I quickly made the decision to take a walk into the country from my house (a few glasses of wine precluded use of the car). So I loaded the camera onto my tripod, checked the batteries, packed my remote trigger and torch.

I took a 2 minute walk to the edge of the village, passing a car full of youngsters enjoying the lightning to the South West and found a spot affording good views over a field.

I focused on a far light, set the camera to manual focus, shutter priority at 25 seconds and started to align the camera. Inevitably a cracking IC arced across the sky as I did this.

Soon enough though I had the camera clicking away by itself. There was I, in my t-shirt and shorts slowly getting wet.

As the lightning was rather distant I decided to change to Manual and open up a wide aperture.

Sure enough an amazing bolt across the whole sky flashed away. I must have caught it!!

Imagine my horror when this is what I saw on the preview screen


But! Hang on. I shoot in RAW. So a couple of tweeks later:-


It’s still blown out where the lightning has jumped to ground but I’m still pretty happy with this one.

There’s a chance for more severe storms later this evening, fingers crossed!

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