We like boobies, oh yes we do!

On Wednesday 2 March I took a day off work as I had watched the mighty Canaries (Norwich City Football Club) being robbed of a result against Chelsea the previous evening.

So after a nice lie in I pottered about doing not a lot when I glanced out of my front window to be confronted by the most remarkable display of mammatus I had ever seen, and I’ve been to the USA storm chasing at least 7 times.

I put my wide angle lens on my Nikon and rushed outside. I didn’t need to go far to take some corking pictures. I also bumped into a number of dog walkers who were gob smacked and I was pleased to be able to tell them the name of the clouds.

The BBC had been plugging their “Weather Watchers” web site so I thought I would register and upload a picture which is what I did.

I uploaded these pictures to Facebook and they were very popular as was the thread I started on the UKWeatherworld photography forum.

Imagine my surprise when I was watching TV that evening and switched over to watch the local BBC news when I caught the end of the National BBC weather broadcast on BBC1 and I saw the mammatus clouds I had seen earlier. I paused the transmission, re-wound and realised  that Tomasz had used MY picture!


Notice that I am credited as “Weather Watcher”, I realised later with the help of Dan Holley that my “handle” (Stuart_W) had not been used as my account had only been activated that afternoon and there needs to be, apparently, an approval of user names to make sure they are appropriate so the general term “Weather Watcher” is used until the username is approved. But I don’t care! This weather broadcast is watched by several million viewers and my picture had been on screen for a few seconds!

I later found out that the picture had also been tweeted by Tomasz through the BBC Weather account:- https://twitter.com/bbcweather/status/705070138614226944


99 Likes, and 40 re-tweets is pretty good I’d say! But have you noticed that Tomasz has misspelt  mammatus? Back to cloud school for you!

Here is the video of the weather forecast with Tomasz. My picture can be seen at 28secs in.

Here is he link to the UKweatherworld thread

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